Be Lady

A 100% Feminine Box to offer or offer to oneself.
Composed of 2 washable wipes and a Tahara musk of your choice and its pouch, it is essential for any Lady who takes care of her.


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Because taking care of yourself is also taking care of your environment, Musk Scents offers the Box BE LADY.
The Tahara Musk,is usually applied with water-soaked cotton on the intimate parts after menstrual periods.
A musk so coveted and appreciated by the feminine gente, it is also used to perfume or apply itself as deodorant.
For his "Protect the planet with zero waste" spirit, this girly and practical box contains:
• 2 washable wipes (hand or machine max 60 ° C)
• A fruity, exotic, acidulous or even classic tahara musk for gourmet and sensual scents.
• The pouch for the hygienic side and quiet travel.
Everything is hand sewn, the dimensions can vary slightly.

Pouch dimensions :

Wipes dimensions :

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