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To be offered or why not for yourself , this box is designed for authentic and natural scents lovers or for those who have a thirst for discovery, novelty and originality.

Musk Pur
Huile Pure

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The BE LUXE box is composed of a pure musk, pure Oud oil and pure oil.
100% natural scents.
Each authentic fragrance is to be chosen among a selection.


East Asia : A wild deer musk from East Asia  with deep and intense fragrance. It is naturally musky and its notes are numerous and take us to faraway lands.
Both wooded and delicately flowery, this musk is a real gold nugget.

Kastouri : This musk from Central Asia has both a very dark and reddish colour.
Its notes are numerous, opulent and smooth. It’s a true animal musk, pure and natural and long-lasting.


Trat : Grade AAAA
Macerated for 15 days before its distillation, this Oud oil is woody with sweet and spicy notes.
A unique scent with a persistent smell , this Oud, protected from light, fermented 2 years in vats.

Chanthaburi : Grade Super
This Chanthaburi Oud with orange-red colours is woody with warm, sweet and slightly fruity scents.
Macerated for 7 days before its distillation, protected from light and fermented in vats for 3 years.

Trat : Grade Super King
This Oud oil with amber colours is floral and sweet with warm and soft fragrance.
Macerated for 7 days before its distillation and fermented for 2 years in vats.

PURE OILS : 100% natural and high quality, no chemical products no dyes :

Mukhalat Al Bahi : A mixture of pure oils : oils of Rose, grey Amber and Saffron.

Mukhalat Maliki : A mixture of pure oils : Oud oils, grey Amber, Saffron, Sandalwood and Alum.

Sandalwood oil : A naturally wooded oil with  sweet and delicately floral scents.

Vetiver oïl :  oil with exotic fragrance, smoked and sweet, which I reminiscent of Patchouli with a touch of lemon.
Grey Amber oil : Sperm whale grey Amber oil, high quality coming from India.
With its Gold-Orange colours this pure oil is subtle, powerful and very pleasant.
It is naturally musky with spicy and woody scents.

Krytsal Musk : A mixture of 100% pure and natural oils coming from India.
An almost transparent colour and slightly thickened, this oil is composed of floral and Agarwood notes.
A strong reminder of Tahara Musk, this oil of high quality perfumes and nourishes the skin.

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